Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updated September 14 at 12:00 p.m.

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Photos one and two are typical scenes while crossing the hills between the San Joaquin and Salinas Valleys.

Photo three is lunch at the IN and Out Burger on I-5 at the Kettleman City exit. We stopped there on Christmas Eve last year, the line to enter the parking lot was out the driveway and around the corner. This time we were able to walk right up to the counter and place our order.


Day four went well, but as one might expect once at our daughter's home there was no time to update this website...

We left Redwood City 7:20 a.m. and proceeded to head south. We made a short detour off of US 101 to visit a fellow Fiatisti, in Gilroy, we met at the Fiat America club meeting on Monday night. From Gilroy, our route followed CA 152 over Pacheco Pass and then south on I-5. After looking at the map and a short discussion, we decided to cop out and get to San Diego ASAP. There will be time for more back roads on the trip north.

Once on top of the Grapevine, we saw several lightening flashes in the distance ahead of us. It turned out that the road bent to the southwest while the storm was heading off to the northwest (the normal direction of weather along the Pacific Coast).

Traffic was easy until we reached the north side of the San Fernando Valley where a rear end collision caused a 20 minute delay while it was cleared. Farther on in LA we were able to get into the car pool lane to move through town at usually around 60-70 mph while the other lanes were stop and go.

On this leg of the trip we sighted four new 500s in LA. So on each day of our trip we have seen at least one on the road! That's about it for now, more if something interesting happens but on the return trip there will be time for photos and interesting sights for sure...


Today's starting point: Redwood City, California

Today's departure time: 7:20 a.m.

Today's end point: San Diego, California

Today's arrival time: 6:00 p.m.

Miles driven = 489.9

Elapsed driving time = 9 hours 22 minutes

Average speed = 53 mph

Average miles per gallon = 40.9

Route followed today: CA 84 to I-280 south to US 101 at San Jose, CA 152 to I-5 south to I-405 throught LA, then I-5 south to San Diego.

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