Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updated September 21 at 9:00 p.m.

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Photo one is the 500 I think we saw in Ft. Bragg last week.

Photos two through five show typical scenes in Solvang.

Photos six and seven are two of the many murals we saw in the town of Lompoc.

Photo eight is a typical view of the farming around Santa Maria. This is very near the coast on CA 1, you can see the low fog along the beach in the distance.

Photo nine is a roadside dinner in Oceano. It is housed in two old rail passenger cars. The sign above the entrance says American, Greek, and Mexican food.


The amount of time we have spent on the road and on the go has taken its toll! Our enthusiasm has fallen off. Today we spent about 3 hours walking around Solvang. The town is much like Leavenworth, Washington. The Santa Ynez Valley is very much like the Napa Valley in that its has many wineries and the terrain is very similar as are the trees. So just imagine a Danish Leavenworth four times larger set in the Napa Valley and you'll understand.

If you are totally turned off by towns that remake themselves over to imitate something else then don't bother to visit. After looking at perhaps a dozen menus, it occurred to my why you don't see many Danish restaurants around. However, the pastries we found at a Danish bakery were very good! I took photos of our lunch, but now think they are not worth the effort to process and post....

We did purchase a couple of Thomas the Train t-shirts for our two grand kids and dropped them in the mail. That will make them happy!

Japan may have lost the war but you can't tell that from how they swarm over the country as tourists! There were four bus loads in town today. I was amazed at how many photos they take of each other in front of the various buildings and scenes. I even took some for one guy who posed in the middle of the street. It seems they had a good time and did spend money, so it is all for the good of our economy.

I forgot to mention in Tuesday's post that we did seen another 500 on the day's drive and we saw three more today! We have seen at least one during each day while on the tour portion of our trip. I mentioned on day two that one with Arizona plates was in the hotel parking lot in Ft. Bragg and we think we saw the same car again today in Solvang! I left a note on its windshield, but got no response...

The sights today did not inspire us, I guess that is due to being tired of being on the road, living out of a suitcase, and eating in restaurants. Our end point tonight is on I-5 near Coalinga. The 'best' choice for food was a Denny's-it was barely good enough to eat-we have been spoiled!

Tomorrow we intend to stop in Medford for the night and then on to Port Orchard on Friday. We do need to make a detour near Silverton, Oregon to check on a portion of the Covered Bridge Tour route. One of our bridges was closed for repairs last month when we did the final test drive of our route. I hope we can determine if it will be open by October 2nd, if not we will chart a short change to the route to cross another bridge to keep the same number to be visited.

At this point I am not sure of the need to post about our last two days on the trip, I see how it goes...


Today's starting point: Buellton, California

Today's departure time: 9:03 a.m.

Today's end point: exit 334 on I-5, California

Today's arrival time: 5:46 p.m.

Miles driven = 224.7

Elapsed driving time = 5 hours 16 minutes

Average speed = 42 mph

Average miles per gallon = 36.7

Route followed today: Us 101 south to CA 1 to US 101, CA 41 to I-5 north to exit 334.

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