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Updated August 15, 2018


We have not verified these instructions to be current nor correct - use at your own risk!

Be aware that several years have passed since many of these instructions were written. Conditions very well may have changed and the roads may not exist as described. The words 'rally', 'rallye', and 'tour' have been used interchangeably over the years and have no special meaning here.

Use at your own risk and remember that all state and local laws supersede anything written in these instructions. You are responsible for your own safety and it is up to you to follow all applicable rules-of-the-road and laws of the locale where you are driving!

If you find an instruction in these files that contradicts any laws or rules-of-the-road DO NOT follow these instructions-obey the law and rules-of-the-road!

It is strongly recommended that you carry a current road map with you when using these instructions. If anyone's phone numbers are listed in the route instructions DO NOT call them for help while using these instructions!

Additional routes will be added as they become available. These files are in Adobe PDF format, but Microsoft Word format versions are available upon request.

New Routes Are Added When Available - Check Back

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(includes Whidbey Island, North King and Snohomish counties and points north)

Snohomish Tour One

Snohomish Tour Two

Stanwood Tour

Whidbey Island One

1987 MG Tulip Rallye

1988 MG Tulip Rallye

1989 MG Tulip Rallye

1990 MG Tulip Rallye

1991 MG Tulip Rallye

1992 MG Tulip Rallye

1995 MG Tulip Rallye

1997 MG Tulip Rallye

1999 Spring Tuneup

2001 MG Tulip Rallye

2001 Festival Poker Run

2001 Festival Rallye

2001 Skagit Tour

2001 Spring Tuneup

2002 MG Tulip Rallye

2003 MG Tulip Rallye

2004 MG Tulip Rallye

2005 MG Tulip Rallye

2006 MG Tulip Rallye

2007 Bellingham Tour

2007 MG Tulip Rallye

2007 Whidbey Island Tour

2008 MG Tulip Rallye

2009 MG Tulip Rallye

2010 Destination Snohomish

2010 Tour Primavera

2010 MG Tulip Rallye

2011 Spring Tuneup

2011 Tour Primavera

2011 MG Tulip Rallye

2012 Fall Leaves Tour

2012 Three Islands Tour - Day 1

2012 Three Islands Tour - Day 2

2012 Three Islands Tour - Day 3

2012 Tour Primavera

2012 MG Tulip Rallye

2013 Fall Leaves Tour

2013 Mystery River

2013 MG Tulip Rallye

2014 Fall Leaves Tour

2014 Tour Primavera

2014 MG Tulip Rallye

2015 MG Tulip Rallye

2018 MG Tulip Rallye A

2018 MG Tulip Rallye B

2018 Primavera Tour

King and Pierce Counties

2001 Wine Tour

2002 SOVREN Guild Rally

2002 Spring Tuneup

2003 Spring Tuneup

2004 Mud River Picnic

2006 XXX Drive-in Tour

2007 Spring Tuneup

2008 Spring Tuneup

2009 Poker Run

2009 Spring Tuneup

2010 Spring Tuneup

2011 NWCOC Green River Drive

2012 NWV Snoqualmie Valley Drive

2012 Spring Tuneup

2012 Spring Tuneup Part 2

2012 NWCOC Summer Drive

2013 NWCOC Spring Drive

2013 Last Chance Tour

2013 Nature Tour

2013 NWCOC Summer Drive

2013 Ted's Excellent Adventure

2018 NWCOC Spring Drive

2019 NWCOC Spring Drive


2006 Capitol Tour

2009 Capitol Tour

2010 Shamrock Tour

2012 South Sound Tour

2013 MG Mulled Wine Rallye

Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas

2002 Tour de Kitsap

2004 Tour Hood Canal

2007 Rhody Tour

2009 Troll Tour

2010 Picnic Tour

2011 Shamrock Tour

2013 MG Lavendar Rally

2014 West Sound Tour

2014 Grays Harbor Tour Day 1

2014 Grays Harbor Tour Day 2

2014 Grays Harbor Tour Day 3

2015 Kitsap Tour

2018 Westside 2

2019 Westside #1

Washington-Oregon Routes

2011 Oregon Covered Bridge Tour - Day 1

2011 Oregon Covered Bridge Tour - Day 3

2011 Oregon Covered Bridge Tour - Day 3

2013 Tour de Tillamook - Day 1

2013 Tour de Tillamook - Day 2

2013 Tour de Tillamook - Day 3

California Routes

2014 Sonoma Movie Rally

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